Is Perfectionism Holding You Back as an Author or Speaker?

Steve Harrison interviews one of his Quantum Leap graduates, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, successful author of A Happy You and Better Than Perfect and frequent media guest.

Years ago, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo says she was such a perfectionist, she didn’t even want a videographer at her wedding because she was worried about the way she would look on camera!

But since then, she’s learned the secret to sorting through and hanging on to perfectionism’s positive aspects while getting rid of all its limits that were holding her back.

As the bestselling author of A Happy You and Better Than Perfect, as well as a go-to media guest on such popular media outlets as The Today Show, Dr. Oz, and Fox News, she’s helping others “crush their inner critics,” too, so they can have the richer and more rewarding lives they want.

In this interview, Steve and Elizabeth talk specifically about how perfectionism hamstrings authors, experts, speakers, and entrepreneurs, as well as practical steps they can take right now to abandon that “all or nothing” mentality and move forward toward success.

Here’s your sneak preview of their insightful and helpful discussion…

  • How thinking differently about slip-ups and setbacks can propel you forward to greater results.
  • A key tip for dealing with TV producers that most show guests never even think about, and how it can open more publicity doors for you.
  • Why media audiences don't even want "perfect" guests—what they're looking for instead and how YOU can give it to them.

As you’ll hear, Elizabeth says Steve’s year-long Quantum Leap program played a major role in helping her achieve the success she now enjoys:

“My book, all of my media, my speaking, where my business is—it truly started with you and the foundation you gave me.”

Click the video above to watch their conversation now!