He Struggled to Sell 200 Books, Then Became a #1 Bestseller and Coach

He Struggled to Sell 200 Books, Then Became a #1 Bestseller and Coach

When he was college age, Steven Roberts got some bad news from his parents. His sister's medical care meant the family had no money left to pay for his college education.

Steven worked long and hard to earn money for college. He did it so well, he ended up making more than what his degree cost! He knew he could use his experience to help other people fnd their college careers, too.

But writing and promoting his book, Winning the Money Game in College, turned out to be even harder work than paying for his degree had been. After much effort, he'd sold only about 200 copies of his book. "What am I doing wrong?" he asked himself.

Never one to quit, Steven enrolled in the Quantum Leap program. The coaching and training he received gave him the know-how he needed to catch and keep the media's attention.

Before too long, Steven was landing interviews on radio and on podcasts. Except for some strategic exceptions, he stopped giving speeches for free, and lined up paid speaking gigs instead. He launched his own "big ticket" online coaching serviec. And he turned his little-known book into a #1 bestseller in its category.

Even more impressive? Steven managed to do all this in the midst of some major life challenges. "A major reason I was able to accomplish as much as I did," says Steven, "was because of the direction I received from the coaches and courses in the Quantum Leap program."