“I Am Soaring to New Heights in So Many Different Arenas”

"I am soaring to new heights in so many different arenas"

by Lucetta Zaytoun

Three months after I self-published my first book, It’s Already Tomorrow Here, I joined Quantum Leap. It has turned out to be the best investment I’ve ever made in myself!

Many amazing, encouraging things have happened for me as a result of what I have learned from the brilliant Steve Harrison and his team.

Steve teaches us one of the most important parts of Quantum Leap is building relationships. Because I focused on that, I now have a book endorsement from Jack Canfield! Here it is:

A compelling and fascinating real-life story of a woman who turns tragedies into joy, happiness and hope. This beautifully written book will have you laughing one moment and crying the next as you travel the world with her. A real page turner, it leaves you wanting more!

While I was at Jack and Steve’s Mastermind Retreat, I was speaking with Steve and building a relationship with him. One moment that really made me feel like a million bucks was when Steve asked me to share my book tour story on the stage at a Quantum Leap conference as a result of that conversation.

Making connections led to more book sales and paid speaking success

The next thing Steve taught us was “the connection commitment.”

Because I have followed up with these relationships, I have been on 24 podcasts and radio shows, with more on the calendar. This means book sales have increased!

Also because of the connection commitment, I had dinner with Mark Mathabane, the bestselling author of Kaffir Boy.

He wanted to co-author a book with me. And he talked about pitching a TV studio for us to co-host a show where we have guests who have turned tragedies into triumphs.

Now let’s talk about money! Because of the commitment connection and relationship building, I got my first paid speaking engagement with North Carolina HealthCare Access.

I got two checks. That’s because Steve and Jack taught us how to ask, ask, ask.

When I arrived at the conference, I had just received the second book I’d written, about fear-busting. I felt their people could really benefit from this small book. I asked if they would like to give it to their participants.

They immediately bought every single book!

Then I told the audience they were the first people to read this new book. I asked if they would write an Amazon review.

Reviews started to come in. I also asked if I could sell my memory book in the back of the room and they set up a table for me. I doubled my income with all the book sales.

I lined up more speaking engagements, too. With all the encouragement, I started my third book. In addition, I’ve had a film studio in LA contact me to see if the film and TV rights to my memoir were still available.

Turning my visions into reality

As Steve and Jack recommend, I created a vision board and placed it where I would see it first thing every morning as I woke up.

I began making money (the money tree), got speaking engagements (the stage), went to visit a friend at the beach whose kitchen looks over the ocean (dream of a house on the ocean), and went to visit other friends who took me up in their private airplane (dream of my own plane to travel and speak).

It was crazy to me how everything on the board was touched on in some way in just a few months!

Since I brought Quantum Leap into my life, I have had so many amazing opportunities show up that have increased my self-confidence and let me know that I really do have an important message the rest of the world needs to hear.

Without Quantum Leap I may have just gone and gotten a job, but now I am soaring to new heights in so many different arenas.

Quantum Leap adds so much value it makes every single penny worth it, and I am a different person now.

Thank you, Steve Harrison and the Quantum Leap team!

This post is adapted from an essay Lucetta wrote as her entry in our "How I Made My Quantum Leap" contest, in which Quantum Leap members wrote about the difference the program made for them and their careers.