New Direction, a New Path, and New Confidence

New Direction, a New Path, and New Confidence

by Glory Crampton

My dreams of the life I thought I’d have were dashed.

I was going through a very difficult time in my life, a separation in my marriage. I had moved from my sprawling home on Long Island into a very small studio apartment in New York City.

I have been an actress and singer for 25 years, performing and starring in over 40 shows, and singing in concerts globally.

A wonderful, glamorous life? Not then. Something had stopped feeling right.

I was seriously struggling with work and had stopped feeling connected to my purpose in life. I literally was in my apartment most of the day, searching my mind, and spirit for guidance.

I’ll never forget laying on my bed in the middle of the day, staring out the window. A small whisper in my head said “public speaking.”

I did not know why. I had no desire to do that and honestly didn’t think I could. It was not in my wheelhouse. I’m a singer and I thought only “intellectual” people do that. I figured I’d stick to singing and playing characters onstage.

But the thought continued appearing at random times, like 3:00 in the morning!

I eventually looked up public speaking online to see what I could find.

All I know is after that, Steve Harrison’s email and promo video began to show up constantly in my emails!

Steve Harrison found me and taught me to LEAP

I didn’t even realize I was looking for Steve. He picked up immediately and found ME!

I watched his videos on writing a book a few times, thinking it was NOT for me. I didn’t have a book and I didn’t WANT to write a book but something in my gut kept me thinking about this Quantum Leap program.

I called and found out the price, which was way out of my budget.

I called a few friends of mine and asked what they thought. “Don’t do it!” they said. “It’s a lot of money and you don’t want to write a book, do you?”

“No,” I would say—but then the voice got louder in my head: Continue to look into this Quantum Leap program.

I called and asked if they focused on public speaking at all. They confirmed they do.

I hesitated until the very last day and I honestly had no idea why I was signing up, but I jumped!

I’ll have to say what I learned from that day forward with Steve Harrison and my year in Quantum Leap is just that: LEAP, no matter what!

Even though I didn’t know why or what would happen, I trusted there was a reason.

How I discovered the power of "the ask"

I soon realized in our first meetings and through Steve’s coaching I DID have something to say and to offer others.

At a Quantum Leap meeting we were told we could “pitch” to various industry people, I thought, “I don’t have a book. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m not ready. Other people seem to have their act together.”

But again, I thought LEAP! Just make something up! Fake it till you make it! All I can say is believe you HAVE enough to give others even if you don’t yet see what it is!

I got in line to pitch a TEDx Talk organizer. In my mind only people who are really advanced in public speaking and on their game in this field do TEDx talks, but I introduced myself and told him a bit about me.

The next day something amazing happened!

Steve always talks about the “ASK,” just ASK! I have never liked asking. As an actress and a leading lady. I had been used to being asked. I was completely out of my comfort zone!

I went up to Steve on a break and asked him if there were any conferences he knew of I could contact where I could possibly sing as a performer, and possibly also be a speaker. He looked at me and said, “Are you asking me?” I got the hint, and said “Yes, I guess I am!”

The next morning I was singing in front of our conference of a few hundred people, followed by a 15-minute talk about tools I could share with the audience that I had learned in my 25-year career onstage.

Talk about putting something together fast! My FIRST public speaking engagement! And I got film footage of it from Steve for my reel.

I will never forget what happened next! The TEDx organizer approached me afterward with tears in his eyes and said, “It would be wonderful if you could give a TEDx talk helping people do what you just did! You completely shifted the audience in a few minutes.”

I honestly am speechless even writing this: My second public speaking engagement was my TEDx talk, “Release Stage Fright—Ignite Unlimited Possibilities,” live streamed for one million people around the world.

"The coaches held my hand every step of the way"

My Quantum Leap has been to just JUMP, no matter what.

I actually lived my own TEDx talk subject by continuing to release my own self-doubt, my own need of having to see it clearly or perfectly. I now know without a doubt ANYTHING is possible. If there is a whisper of a dream, a thought, wouldn’t that be wonderful? The answer is YES, that is possible!

My advice to anyone and my experience through Quantum Leap is YES! YES! YES! Just do it, and the details will work themselves out!

The coaches held my hand every step of the way.

Geoffrey Berwind taught me to know my stories, my experience in every aspect of my life count and can help others. I kept digging deeper and deeper into my own experiences in my life and onstage as an actress, and eventually used this tool to connect vulnerably with the audience in my TEDx talk.

Quantum Leap coaches also helped me write my press release which landed me on The Morning Show/WINK news Southwest Florida. I ended up giving the host a little vocal lesson on air.

I spent many months developing my brand and what is now my one-sheet: “Turn your Employees into Super Stars” Leadership Training, Overcoming Obstacles in Public Speaking, Business Presentations and More! My program for universities and colleges is “Finding Your Passion and Purpose in College and Beyond.”

I used the tools Steve gave us to make as many calls as possible to anyone I knew. I hate calling but I said YES, I’ll do this!

I met a new friend who had written a book and followed up with a call to suggest Quantum Leap to him, and in turn he reached out to a speaker manager on my behalf.

She immediately contacted me, looked at my one-sheet, saw what I had to offer, and asked me to sign with her! She groomed me to be the singer at the opening ceremony for a conference of NFL players and their wives. This is nothing I would have EVER thought I could do. Very exciting.

While going through a painful divorce and transitioning from my home, I continued practicing my “Ask.” I took a meeting with a high-end matchmaker, suggesting my services to coach their clients with their dating skills, helping them put their best foot forward.

Because of the “Ask,” I even ended up a special celebrity judge for a World Olympic Skating competition in Brazil.

From "no clue" to complete clarity on my brand and mission

Through Quantum Leap I went from not having a clue why I was even signing up, with barely an inkling that maybe I’d want to do a little public speaking, to now having a complete clear brand of who I am outside of being an actress.

I am set up 100% with a powerful knowledge of how I can now enter the public speaking arena as a top-notch keynote speaker and workshop leader. I have a TEDx Talk as a calling card.

I have a clear one-sheet that encompasses my passion and uses every tool I’ve learned onstage to help people in all walks of life to powerfully step into their best selves, their very own Star Power.

I now know that what sets me apart is my ability to continue to share my voice with others and at the same time add to that my experience inspiring others through public speaking and more.

The friends I made in this program were invaluable. Learning through each other’s journeys is what helped each of us rise to our potential. One Quantum Leap member and I even met for a weekend in Florida, helping one another brainstorm our branding, clarify our offerings to others, and build a friendship for life. The amazing opportunities and connections keep opening new doors!

After an “Ask” exercise at one of our Quantum Leap conferences, I met Pastor Bill. He “asked” if I knew any inspirational elderly citizens for a book he is writing.

Two days later, I literally met a woman sitting next to me at a restaurant who said something about how amazing and vital her elderly mom. Fast forward—Pastor Bill now has her information and is interviewing her for his book!

Quantum Leap is not just an individual LEAP. It’s linking people to people, which is where our growth and power lies.

I am grateful to Steve Harrison and the entire staff at Quantum Leap for helping me take my very own HUGE QUANTUM LEAP to redefine what I am capable of contributing in the world.

This is about much more than making money.

It is priceless to be given a new direction, a new path, new confidence, and a new beginning!

I truly can’t wait to see how this all unfolds!

This post is adapted from an essay Glory wrote as his entry in our "How I Made My Quantum Leap" contest, in which Quantum Leap members wrote about the difference the program made for them and their careers.