Her Fight Against Medical Mistakes Earned a U.S. Senator’s Praise

Her Fight Against Medical Mistakes Earned a U.S. Senator's Praise

Why did Senator Barbara Boxer tell Dr. Carol Gunn to "keep up the good work?" Because she knew about Carol's battle to raise awareness about and hold hospitals accountable for medical mistakes—a battle in which Carol had a deeply personal stake.

Her sister died in a well-respected teaching hospital. The tragic and preventable loss set Carol on her new life's mission: speaking out about what she calls the "silent epidemic" of medical errors.

As part of her training with Steve Harrison's team, Carol learned to craft and tell her "signature story" about her sister's death. She used that story and other skills gained in the coaching to land a TEDx talk that, to date, has well more than 130,000 views. 

By reaching out to print and online media who could put her compelling message in front of hundreds of thousands of people, Carol became a recognized expert on the problem of mistaken diagnoses. Senator Boxer is only one of the people who now know about and encourage Carol in her quest to see physicians deliver critical, life-saving care more quickly and safely.

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